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    CS3 publish settings

    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP
      In 8 when I was working on quick pages for client approval I'd simply publish to the desktop then use my FTP program (transmit) to quickly put up very simple pages that contained only the embedded swf file for review. Sometimes I'd even email these files with the swf embedded in the e-mail.

      With CS3 there's a bunch of extra code that's thrown in that looks like a flash player sniffer and a file called AC_RunActiveContent.js that's created. I'd love to eliminate all this extra junk so I didn't have to go in to the html and re-edit the file for these simple previews. Unless all the files, the html, the js, and the swf, are in their own folder there are JS errors in the page when you try to open it up in the browser.

      I know that Adobe is trying to prevent browser errors and the like, but I would rather be in control of this from the start rather than having to go in and re-edit things. I've been all through the preferences and can't find a way to turn this off. Does anybody have a clue?