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    AE CS6 freezes while opening a project file


      Hi, I have been working on a project for past three days and this morning when I try to open the project, AE CS6 freezes at 66percent. And my MAC stops responding too. I need to force shut AE to get back in order.


      This is what I have already tried:

      - Renaming the project file. No go

      - Opening the project in another installation of AE. No go

      - Importing the file in another new project. No go


      Note that the last work I did in that project was using the dynamic link between AE and premier pro. I imported a premier pro sequence into AE, put it onto an AE composition and color corrected some footage. Then I imported the AE composition into PP and exported the final movie. This morning when I try to open the AE project where I imported the PP sequence, I am unable to do so.


      Could this be that the dynamic link has a bug that caused a memory issues?


      Please help me troubleshoot !!!