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    flv Meta Data errors

      I've got an application that is a small library of videos.

      On click of a library item, the state is changed to "viewVideo" the video element initalized and the video played.

      the custom video controls that i created displays mm:ss / total mm:ss which is calculated using theVideo.playheadTime and theVideo.totalTime as the flv's do not come from a streaming server, but are for progressive download.

      so my question is, how come my video.totalTime can sometimes lock off at -1 (thus rooting my play controls and slider) and how do i stop this? It only occurs when a user navigates back to the library and elects to view another video and it doesn't happen every time, almost like the meta data is not being completely loaded before the video is played.

      Of course, the video will play and the label will show the video's correct current time in m and s, but the totalTime stays at -1