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    Adobe Premiere CC cannot open my source files



      I have been working on Abode premiere since Mars this year, everything has worked fine until today, when I got to work Adobe premire doesnt seem to support my source files anymore.

      This is the file I have been working on:

      Quicktime: 36.6 GIB, 29mn 37s

      video stream: ProRes

      Audio streams: PCM/PCM

      Overall bit rate 177 Mbps

      Writing library: Apple Quicktime


      It has worked fine for the last couple of months and today when I startad my computer Adobe premiere was really slow and the files did not work, it was like they where unlinked and when I was trying to relink them Adobe could not see my files in the search list.

      I had to be finished with thisfor national TV today but have to push my schedule.


      Anyone have any idea of what can cause my problems?