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    Can't install Flash Player




      I have always used the plugin which is pre-installed in Google Chrome, but for this new software to work, I need to use Internet Explorer. The big problem is, that every time I try to download and install Flash Player 13 ( (get.adobe.com/flashplayer), the status bar goes all the way to 52% and then makes an error saying: "Error: Registration failed".


      I've tried numerous different things, which has been provided in the Adobe Help section, for example this: Flash Player | Windows registry permissions, but nothing has been succesful. Also done the uninstall etc.


      The only time I actually was able to install Flash Player, was after downloading a .msi install version of Flash Player 13 (Adobe Flash Player 13 ActiveX), but it seems like it's not installed anyway.


      So if I try to install Flash Player 13 debug version, it tells me "The ActiveX control for Flash Player could not be registered.", which leads me to believe that I'm missing some kind of component or something.


      I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate

      I have IE 11 installed. (11.0.9600.17105)

      I have been trying to install Flash Player directly from the site which uses version