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    Automate komposition length dependent on MP3 soundtrack


      Hello Adobe Community,


      I want to realize the fowolling with Adobe After Effects:

      The Komposition length should be automatically set dependent on the MP3 soundtrack length I inserted. I dont want to do this manually via the komposition settings.

      In Addition to this I´m using the "Audiospectrum" effect. It´s lenght should also be set to the same length as that soundtrack.

      Is this possible?

      Thank you for every answer.



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You could write/get a script written that would automate the process.


          Personally, I'd just create a template project that contains one very long composition with your audio spectrum effect applied to a solid, and an audio file ,all set up to do what you need, and queued in the render queue to output the work area.


          Then, each time you need to renew the audio, just open the template project, replace the audio file in the project window, select the audio layer in the timeline and press O then N (which will set the work area out point to the out point of the audio layer, and hit render.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would create an animation preset for your Audio Spectrum effect, then drag a new audio track into the new comp icon at the bottom of the Project Panel, then press Ctrl Y to add a new solid, then apply the animation preset to the solid. All done...


            If you have hundreds to do then write a script.


            BTW, you should not be in the habit of using mp3 audio in AE. Highly compressed audio can cause problems that sometimes only show up when you render. 48 or 96 KHZ 16 or 32 bit audio uncompressed is the standard for video.