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    Pick from Multiple GPUs



      I run a workstation with a total of 3 GPUs: one Quadro 4000 on PCI slot 1 and two GeForce GTX780ti PCI slot 2 and slot 3, all of them on the motherboard.

      Leaving aside that in some cases Ae can take advantage of multiple GPUs, for the most part it depends on 1 GPU only.

      Now the issue - the fact that my weak Quadro 4000 is installed plugged into PCI slot 1 on the motherboard makes it the default card that Ae sees and uses. Is there a way to somehow make it use one of my GTX780ti instead?

      I know I could simply swap the cards on the motherboard but this is not an option for me, I need to keep them arranged as they currently are. I wish there was a dropdown of some sort where I could pick my primary card.


      Hope there is a software solution to this.

      Window7, 64 bit, 5.5