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    Trouble debugging plug-in sample from sdk.


      So after I have cleaned and build Basicmenu project from I build\win\prj folder I'm getting with errors. It is saying that unable to start program etc. Well that's understandable because how VS 2012 is suppose to know how to open pln file with InDesign, and its not giving me option to choose executable to open with.  PDF document "getting started..." is saying this should happen when you debug but it's not. Anyway, I moved plug-in to plug-in folder inside the InDesign folder. Now when InDesign starts it is saying "Adobe InDesign does not recognize basicmenu.sdk.pln as a valid plu-ing. Please reinstall the basicmenu.sdk.pln plug-in and restart InDesing."


      I really need to get this work, so do anyone have any clues where to go next?