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    Cannot get paypal account registered on form get "Account Registered with a Different Email"

    drumquin gaa

      I cannot get my paypal account registered with the adobe form. I have doubled checked the paypal and adobeID. Paypal email and adobe emails match. I have logged out, cleared briwser cache and retried to register but get same message. Suspect problem has been caused because I had to change the email addresses form the original ones used when accounts were created. I cant find any email mismatches. Paypal had two emails associated with the account and both are changed. Ive spend hours trying to get this working. Used the form last year before without a problem. What email is the message referring to? If the paypal email has to be the same as the one registered with the adobe account why does it even asking for it?


      Found this response and tried it but no joy.  Could not change address because the one im changing it to was the same as the one ive been using.



      If the message displayed the emails that it has found didnt match then there might be something to work with.


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