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    Command Prompt Generation Does Not Apply UDV

    gaby s

      We have been experiencing an issue while attempting to generate layouts with user defined variables (alternating between a couple variable sets) through the Command Prompt.


      The user defined variable sets do NOT apply. The output is the same no matter what variable set is selected. Does anyone know why this may be happening? Could it possibly be a bug?


      We are using Robohelp 8. When generating through the UI, the variables are applied correctly with no issues.


      I saw a comment from an older forum post that may begin to explain this...https://forums.adobe.com/message/662914#662914 (comment 6 in the post):


      "On a side note, in one of my projects variables resolve correctly in my output (HTMLHelp) when compiled through the RoboHelp GUI, but do not when compiled via the command line. RoboHelp is not generating a <projectName>.trv during the command line compilation, so there is no variable definition for the compiler to work from. Has anyone experienced this? Any solutions? One out of the twenty projects I work on only this one behaves in this way. All others perform as expected."


      Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.