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    OpenClipboard Failed

      I installed the current updates and now I whenever I select the copy function, I get the error message, "OpenClipboard Failed." I've tried doing a search on the error message but nothing came up.

      That is a pretty important function to lose.

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          Here is an old response for version 8. I have CS3 and it worked. Surprisingly, I have a version 8 folder.

          " 03/10/2006 09:37:51 AM

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          You can try this simple fix -

          Quit DW.

          Find this file -

          C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Macromedia\Dreamweaver

          (these folders are normally hidden - you may have to use Explorer > Tools >
          Folder Options to unhide them)

          and delete it.

          Restart DW. Works better?

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