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    Pan and Zoom in a Windows instead of Full Screen?



      Tried using the Pan & Zoom and found it very difficult to work with. I had an image I wanted to be displayed on the screen but I only wanted it to use 1/3 of the screen. I sized the image and then went to pan/zoom. The image re-sized to full screen and then from there I could use the tool. Is there a way to use this tool but have the image remain the same size I set previously?

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          What are you now using for pan and zoom? Is it the Premiere Elements 12 Pan and Zoom Tool under Tools Menu?

          For starter, please take a look at the Steve Grisetti free video tutorial on the basics of using the Premiere Elements Pan and Zoom Tool as found in versions 11 or 12.

          http://www.lynda.com/Elements-tutorials/Creating-motion-path-Pan-Zoom-tool/109763/117259-4 .html


          If that does not help, we can go into more details, those specific to your particular requirements.


          If all else fails, you can always go the non Pan and Zoom Tool route for your pans and zooms. To do that, you would keyframe the Motion Scale property (Zoom) and the Position property (Pan). See Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/Motion Panel expanded to reveal its properties which include Scale and Position.


          Please review and consider and let us know what supplemental information you need.


          Thank you.