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    Relinking images


      Hallo, I have a book-file with multiple files, but I have to relink all the images. Can I do this for all the documents in the book-file at once.

      Now I have to open each file and relink the images.

      Does anybody know? This is taking a lot of time.

      greetings, Ingrid

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          Once you re-link one image (by pointing to its current location) InDesign will re-link all images automatically if they are in the same directory as first image.

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            Ingrid-Elixyz Level 1

            Hallo Ebrebc,

            Thanks for your reply but that is not exactly what I mean.

            What I mean is if you can relink your images in several Indesign-files at the same time?

            I have made a book-file of 50 separate Indesign-files in which I have to relink all images.

            Now I have to open each file to relink the images, but is there a way you can do that with several Indesign-files?