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    DVI-HDMI-SDI Conversions and Color Space-what is happening?


      Can someone explain signal processing when connecting computer monitors and LCD TVs via different connections and conversions?


      - DVI to HDMI

      - SDI (BM) to DVI

      - SDI (BM) to DVI to HDMI

      - SDI to DVI to HDMI


      Are there differences in how each conversion processes color space? I am looking to keep it consistent when monitoring out of PPro and AE...latest CC versions...both PC and Mac workstations.

      We never create media for typical broadcast or other conventional distribution. All media is custom animation for Special Events...large venue projection. But we do run multiple monitors and LCD for content creation and programming...many times running video thru a DVI Matrix or SDI Matrix for signal distribution. So I want to understand how each configuration effects video.

      Does PPro always work in RGB? 0-255...AE as well? Or are there settings that must be set for this?

      Thanks if anyone can help educate me!






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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          That is allot of info there and I will list some to get you started


          DVI - RGB

          HDMI - RGB, YCBCR, or YUV

          SDI - YCBCR


          Premiere - No color management ie colorspace control. I believe it just uses the media and current display output color space. You would have to ask someone at Adobe there.


          AE - Color management ie colorspace control. You can set what space your coming from and going to.


          Do you have any colorimeters to calibrate your display devices? If not I suggest you look at X-Rite since it is cross platform OSX and Windows.