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    Can we Make CD Profile Using Flash ? or Director is Must.!

      I Have good practices in Flash.And i m making a Corporate profile. I want to know Why we prefer Director...
      If it is just because of video files... that we have .flv now....
      So.. Wil it be Okk if i make the projact in Flash...
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          It may be possible for you to make a professional looking presentation
          using Flash to be delivered on a CD. There's nothing inherent in Flash
          to prevent this.

          If you are familiar with Flash, understand the content and the way that
          users will work with your show, and, you have a limited amount of time
          to produce the show, and, you don't know Director, then Flash may be
          your only realistic choice.

          Part of the problem with using Flash to create a projector based product
          that is delivered on a CD, is the mindset. Flash is usually used to
          create content for the web. So, the emphasis in the design and
          production phases of the project is usually on meeting the internet
          connectivity restrictions of the user. Since the content is local on the
          CD, these restrictions no longer exist. It's not necessary to create a
          great pile of short .swf files to be loaded at runtime.

          Unfortunately, Flash doesn't have any built in memory management tools,
          Director does. Flash video only works well in short files. It is still
          difficult to maintain audio-video synch in longer files. Some content
          does not lend itself to Flash's limited compression tools. Director
          allows you to use pretty much any video file format and/or compressor.

          Working with audio in much less complex and has much greater flexibility
          in Director. If you need to, you can incorporate Flash in Director.
          Director has an enormous base of Xtras that can be used to add
          functionality and to incorporate other data and file types into the

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert