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    Newbie needs help with passing variables or creating flash object based on parameters


      Hello Community,


      I'm an amateur developer of Ms Access databases. In one of my applications I want to visualize the options available when reaching a certain score.

      What I'd like to get from this trial period, is a flash animation of a dartboard. Depending on an array of variables that provides the fill color (or reference thereof) the layers of the flash object will be dynamicly created, altered, or switched. The dartboard itself remains "static". I'm hoping to use 9 colors.


      I can manipulate the array any way needed. I can provide XML coding to pass the array variables. I'm just too new and untrained to incorporate this in a Edge animation or Dreamweaver.


      There is no need for interaction, once the object is created (ie no user feedback).


      Can someone point me in the right direction?


      thanks in advance,

      Jay from Stockholm