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    XML Flash Ad

      I found a flash ad that uses the images from an XML file.

      I am trying to make three flash adds all the same height and each with a different width.

      I did that just fine

      I have MYSQL database with a table and 5 colums three of which are section1 | section2 | section 3

      so I made a coldfusion file that gets the info from the database either section 1, 2 or 3 and it displays the info in XML format.

      So I link the first flash ad to the CF document and it rotates the ad correctly and works like a champ.

      So I link the second flash ad to the same CF doc but with a different id in the URL so it pulls the info from the second column in the Database and the file when seen in a browser its just like the section1 file but with different data (which is correct data)

      The flash file shows the first image and does not rotate like it should.

      The third flash file does not show a single image.

      The image files are all in the same directory.

      I have rebuit the flash files several times, deleted from the web server and reuploaded several times.


      Help ME

      Thanks in Advance!
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          Assuming as you claim each Flash movie is getting the correct data, then the problem is in the Flash Movie.

          Outside chance it could be a browser caching issue. Set broswers to not use the cache or clear the cache on testing or add variable with a random value to the loadMovie or loadClip method url arguments.

          But I would suggest posting more information on the Flash coding to get any help first.