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    Edge Commons...Help


      I have been working very hard over the last few months to build in interactive book app with Edge Animate. I have all the pages done and all the interactivity and sound work...in a browser.


      However, when I package the mobile app (using PhoneGap Build), I get no sound (using Animate's native audio control) unless the app is running on Android 4.2 or higher.


      So I tried a different method I found here: Edge Animate & PhoneGap Build | Prototype A


      This did get sound working on older Android devices, but only on the first page (once I moved to page 2, using straightforward html page linking, no more sound), and still no sound on iOS.


      I then tried the bootstrapping method from the API. But I couldn't get control of my pages, it just ran instantly to the end of the last page. However, the sound on that last page was working (in Android only).


      At a loss I tried using Edge Commons Composition Loader and Sound. I can get the first page to load in the container, but I cannot get the navigation buttons (held within the loaded comp) to load the next page. I can get the sound to work in a browser, but not on a device. And, on Android my loaded composition seems to be cropped, only showing the top left quarter, and runs extremely slowly.


      Here is the code I have in the main wrapper page (the one which has the container for loading the external comps into.

      //In creationComplete:





      //In compositionReady:

      EC.loadComposition("Pages/RUP_Cover.html", sym.getSymbol("content"))


      .done(function(comp) {


        var stage = comp.getStage();

        stage.$("FWD").click(function() {



        stage.$("PREV").click(function() {






        if (i==1){EC.loadComposition("Pages/RUP_Pg01.html", sym.getSymbol("content"))}

        if (i==2){EC.loadComposition("Pages/RUP_Pg02.html", sym.getSymbol("content"))}



      I am slowly going insane with this project so any help would be enormously appreciated.


      I think the iOS audio issue may be to do with the config.xml I am using for PhoneGap Build, but if anyone has any ideas...