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    InDesign crashes when scrolling/editing a corrupted page with a broken link.

    Alexander Younis

      Just sharing a problem I had and how I solved it (with help from adobe tech support-thanks!).


      Indesign CC running on a Mac OSX 10.9.2


      InDesign crashed when ever I reached a certain page in a large document I was working on. On that page was a link to an illustrator file. Somehow this file must have been corrupted, but there was no chance to edit or delete this link/page as the program crashed instantly when ever I tried to manipulated that specific page.



      I opened a new, empty document; opened the broken file and moved all pages to the new document: LAYOUT/PAGES/MOVE PAGES; select Move Pages "ALL"; Move to: "Select the new document"; click OK. I went back to the new file with the moved pages saved it and deleted the corrupted link on that page which I could now edit again. Problem solved!


      Hope this is helpful for anyone who experience the same problem.