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    Same basic layout, multiple clients?


      I have a project that started off small, but has grown and my workflow method I think is not ideal.  Suggestions?


      The project is a newsletter for direct sales directors to share team recognition with their teams each month.  Each director has their own custom content (name lists, contact information).  Until now, managing about a dozen clients, I have been able to do this with the layout, photos, and articles - which are the same for each client - on one layer labeled layout.  Then for each individual client, I created a separate layer that has text frames, etc., to plug in their client-specific information.  Then I would simply turn on/off each client layer to export their newsletter to PDF.


      This has worked well - until now.  I have grown tremendously and gone from a dozen clients to over 100 in the past 6 months and with 125 layers, it is causing InDesign to crash, lose entire pages of the layout,etc.  How would be the best way to handle this without having to create 100 separate InDesign files each month.


      Thanks in advance!!

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Don't work with layers for this purpose. Layers are very important for production to have a correct layout.

          1. Set up common master pages for all.
          2. Set up child master pages for each purpose
          3. In some cases it might also work for you to use conditional text.
          4. For common content consider to use linked layout, which will be changed in the original and updated where linked to.
          5. For many purposes you might to consider to use InCopy and a content management system.