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    Suggestions on how to email TONS of "profile matches" through BC.


      We are working on a website that will have profiles of users. You can search by zip code, and may have say 100 matches or so for any given zip code. Each "profile" has their own page with their details, etc.



      The owner of this site wants it so the users who are searching and viewing profiles can also contact each user profile through the website.


      Each user profile is stored as a web app item and their email address is stored. But we are stumped on how or even if it's possible to have it so a user can contact each user profile through a BC contact form. This can't be done can it? We have only used contact forms that end up emailing whoever is included as an admin user on the workflow we set. Since the account is limited to 5 users and profiles arent actually admin users, we are stumped.


      There may be a couple thousand user profiles in this web app when all is said and done.



      If you are viewing someone's profile details (which are pulled from a web app), is there a way to have a contact form on the page and feed their email address into the form so that a message is sent to their email address only?


      Not sure what we can do. If BC can't do this then maybe we'll just use an off site solution for contact forms only.