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    Scanning for all  files in a directory

    brandon_haslip Level 1
      I built a very basic flash movie of 6 pictures scrolling across a page for a client. You can view it at the link below.

      Fazio Realty

      I made most of the content on the site updatable through a protected Admin section, but now he wants to be able to update the images in the flash also. I am pretty sure this is possible but have no idea where to start, if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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          It's totally possible. There are many ways to do it as well, all from simple to complex.

          One way that shouldn't be too difficult, you could create a movieclip with presized movieclips inside it animating just like the pictures you have on there now do. On each of the movieclips, load one of the external jpg files into it. You could use loadVariables or a movieClipLoader to do that.

          Also, you might want to consider upping the frame rate on your movie.. It is very jerky.
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            brandon_haslip Level 1
            Is there a way in Flash to grab all the images in a directory and load them horizontally across the stage? Then hopefully add some actionscript to make them scroll from left to right.

            In ASP I can use FSO to scan a directory of images and display them all on a page, but have no idea how to do it in Flash.