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    Adobe Send 'Error' At The End Of Status Bar

    alexdejesus Level 1

      After waiting a good 45 minutes uploading 3 video files about 200 MB each, when the status bar reaches the end, I get an error message saying that one or more of the files could not be sent. The message did not specify which file failed and the entire message was cancelled with no other explanation.

      I sent the same files to myself also with no success.

      I am using Adobe Send for the 2nd time today after being switched from 'SendNow'. Earlier it worked fine.

      I tried to send only 2 of the files and got the same message. Then I tried just one file.

      I normally send this same file format all the time with no problems. My regular email works fine

      Is there something going wrong with Adobe's transition to SendNow? What are the supposed benefits of the switch? The old desktop application worked best for me.