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    Problem booting from SSD while using 2xHDD in RAID 0

    yash-lucid Level 1

      I've been posting very often here and I must take a minute to thank Bill, Jim & EcBowen for all the help so far on my new build.


      I now have one issue that I am struggling with. I want to use an SSD as the boot drive, and have 2x3tb HDDs in RAID 0 work alongside it.



      Asus P9X79-E WS Motherboard

      4930K CPU

      840 Pro SSD OS Drive - connected to the SATA 6g intel port

      2x 3tb 7200rpm Seagate drives in RAID 0 - connected to the SATA 3g intel controller port


      Other connected device specs:

      Geforce GTX570

      OCZ Vector 128gb

      Samsung 830 256gb

      Seagate 4tb

      Seagate 500gb with old windows install

      BD Writer/Reader

      32GB of corsair vengeance ram (Which only shows 16 but I don't even want to get into that now...)


      So this is what I have done from scratch.I connected all my drives to the correct ports, installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my 840 Pro. I proceeded to install all the drivers from the mobo CD. During this time the SATA mode in the bios was set to AHCI. I then configured the RAID array in the Intel Controller section of the BIOS, and changed the SATA mode to RAID. Once I do this, setting my 840 Pro as the boot drive is not possible because it disappears from the options. I cannot remember if I resolved this by entering another menu...but I don't think that's important, because I had the option to do a boot override and select any drive to boot from in the BIOS, and I selected the 840. Once it booted, it got the stage saying Starting windows and it has that little glowing windows gif on the black background, and then it just reboots. Once it rebooted, it booted my old windows install on an HDD. When I logged in and went to My Computer to see what was there, all 3 of my SSDs were invisible.


      I then did some research and people advised that the RAID drivers weren't being picked up for the SSD, or at least drivers that make an SSD function in RAID mode, or something like that. So there would be 2 options, reinstall windows in RAID mode or do some complex hack to avoid reinstalling. Since it's a new machine, I opted for a fresh install. Upon loading the CD, I get the message saying that there are drivers missing and I must choose them. I put the mobo CD in and it doesn't recognize the CD.


      I'm really frustrated because RAID is still something that I am new at and it's really hard to figure this one out. I hope I've been clear so please let me know what I need to clarify if necessary. Once this is sorted, I can worry about only half my ram showing up. Thanks!

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Wow, you've been through a lot!


          Simple steps:

          - Only plug in boot drive

          - load Windows, drivers, etc.; 840 Pro should be ACHI

          - load Intel utility if it is not already installed

          - load Samsung Magician (not related to your RAID, but an excellent utility if you have a 840 pro boot drive)

          - turn off, plug in all other drives including the ones that you want to do a RAID 0 array on

          - boot normally

          - use Intel utility to configure the 2x RAID 0 array


          Note that you don't really need to do anything at the bios settings or controller setup options during booting. And too, when everything is configured and working properly, your motherboard bios will be showing ACHI, not RAID.





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            yash-lucid Level 1

            Thanks Jim. So are you saying that I can successfully run a hardware RAID with my intel controller, while the SATA mode shows as AHCI? I'm going to give it a try. Thanks again

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              yash-lucid Level 1

              It appears that the only way you can use the Intel controller is to turn change AHCI to RAID mode in the BIOS. The Marvell controller can be used in AHCI (just tried it, works) but the Intel doesn't.


              So this what I attempted. I put the hdds in the intel ports, turned on RAID mode, configured a RAID 0 array, saved, turned on AHCI mode, and now they are back to being normal drives.


              Looks like my only option right now is to use the Marvell controller. The max stripe size is 64kb while the intel is 128kb.



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                JEShort01 Level 4

                The method and steps I am suggesting have you setting up the RAID 0 configuration AFTER you are booted into Windows 7.


                Is that what you are doing, or are you doing things from the Asus or Intel boot bios panels?



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                  Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                  There is no good reason to waste a good SSD to use as a boot drive in a RAID 0 configuration.  It will not change your performance with Adobe applications, use it for more important performance enhancing applications.

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                    yash-lucid Level 1

                    Hi Bill, as above, I am not using the SSD in RAID 0, I am using HDDs in RAID 0.


                    I have not resolved the issue even after following everyone's suggestions, there are just too many variables and I don't have the time to learn, test, and repeat, so I have upgraded to Windows 8 and it works just fine.


                    I am now using my 840 PRO as my boot drive while using 2x seagate HDDs in RAID 0, while connected to the Intel controller, just as I wanted to.


                    Thanks everyone for the help thus far