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    Digital editions 3.01 - Don't show this alert again

    netking Level 1

      Item 1: If a book is opened directly from explorer menu (not from digital editions library) and the book is not in the library.

           While closing the following alert pops out.

      ""xxxxx.epub is not open from library, would you like to copy it to library?""

           The bookmark feature only works when the book is open from library

      Check Box: Don't show this alert again

      Buttons: Copy to Library   Cancel


      If i Check the "Don't show this alert again" box. apllication closes.

      But if a open the book again same message pops out for the books not in the library.

      Plz sugeest a workaround

      Item 2: Also, the Configuration settings in digital editions are not stored permanently.

      e.g.: for each book i have to change the font size. I want the font size "large" to be the default for all books. But i am unable to  make it default