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      Bonjour, je voudrais savoir comment faire pour ma page 4 du document (qui est ma première page de contenu) soit numéroté page 1 et non page 4 ?


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Select page 4 in the Pages panel and go to Numbering and Section options. Start a new section and set the start number to 1. InDesign will warn you that you already have a page with that number, so click OK and then go back to the original page 1 and return to section and numbering options, then change the numbering style.


          Front matter is traditionally numbered i, ii, iii... and it is also traditional that odd-numbered pages are on the right. ID will shift all of your pages to correspond to that convention unless you force it put even pages onthe right by disabling shuffling. Better to add a blank page before the new Page 1 if you need it.

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            Moutmout Level 1

            Thanks a lot !