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    Keyboard shortcuts

      Hi all, I'm well into a RH6 project and my wrist is getting tired from all the mouse-work required to apply styles. I want to assign paragraph and font styles to a shortcut key like in Word (such as CTRL+ALT+1 is Heading 1, which actually works in RH), but the Shortcut Key option is missing from the style dialog box. Is the custom assignment of shortcut keys simply not available in RH6, or is it just well-hidden? Neither Google nor the knowledgebase could help (though I did stumble across a much cheaper alternative to RH6 at www.olsonsoft.com ). Thanks! Eric
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
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          I have found Macro Express to be invaluable in providing shortcut keys, not only for RoboHelp but any other application. It is also great for holding standard text both for input to the WYSIWYG editor or true code view. Sets up tables, in fact if you can do it with the keyboard and mouse, Macro Express can do it for you.

          Use shortcut keys when setting up macros rather than mouse clicks where you can. Screen positions can change.

          Don't leave home without it.