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    Context Menu

    187_2007 Level 1
      Hey, I've used the proper functions to get rid of some of the options in the Context menu (the right click menu). But I am still seeing a few options.. Like VIEW SOURCE, SETTINGS, ABOUT. How do I make these thigs disappear also? I know they are not part ot the Contextmenu class... Where do they live?
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          Use ArrayCollection!

          Hear me out..

          It gives you the functions required for doing all of that..

          But inside it has a thing called 'source' (ArrayCollection.source). Source is the array contained within that the collection works from AND is bindable!

          Basically bind your "fills" to "myArrayCollection.source" but to manipulate the data use "myArrayCollection.removeItemAt(x);"

          Hope this helps..
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            onlysport Level 1
            Whoopsy wrong person..

            Sorry about that, that was meant to reply to another thread..

            For you my friend, you cannot get rid of them..

            You can get rid of "View Source" though.. If you look in the mxml file at the application tag it will say something like "viewSource='true'" or something similar, maybe give a web address or something stupid.. REMOVE IT!! The context menu item will then go away..
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              Josh Johnson Level 1
              But as onlysport said, you CAN'T get rid of the Settings and About menu items. Complain to Adobe, and maybe they'll fix it.