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    getURL function

    Dave.Hollings Level 1

      I am trying to work out how or if I can resize a browser window to a preset size for example 800 x 600. I have an FAQ application and when the user clicks on video tutorial a swf is displayed. The swf was made using Captivate and has a resolution of 800 x 600.

      At present when you click on the button it displays the tutorial in a full browser window, which depends on the users screen resolution. I want to force the new window to open the swf at 800 x 600 without having to embed the swf into an html page. The site this app will be loaded onto is content management site and do not want too many managed files created, which will need to be maintaining (if I embed the swf to a html page I will need to upload the swf and the html page). However if I can force the new browser window to the correct size I will only need to upload the swf.

      Hope I have explained this well enough and I look forward to any assistance.
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          i guess the SWF has to be in a HTML file or it is not possible for the browser to "get" any command. i mean with a javascript in the HTML file when the SWF is embedded you could resize the browser window, but without HTML, no javascript, no direct communication with the browser.
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            as long as the swf that contains your getURL() function is embedded in an html file you should have no problem. the target of your getURL() function need not be embedded in an html file