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    Upgrading Flex 3.2 -> 4.5: Using swf file as styles


      Hello,  I am in the middle of effort to upgrade our product, which is built using Flex 3.2 SDK, to a new version using Flex 4.5 SDK.

      With the upgrade, Flex 4.5 SDK, all functionality work as intended, except I cannot get the custom styles, which is a swf file to load.


      With Flex 3.2, in the main.mxml, I used something like:



      where styleURL points to the location of my swf file.

      I have tried using: styleManager.loadStyleDeclaration, I've used FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication

      and other various things but it never seems to work.


      One thing I have not yet tried is modifying the css file inside the swf file and re-building the swf file

      but I would like to avoid that if possible, since it seems like we are missing several files (png files etc)

      and for whatever reason, I cannot compile this particular css file to swf using the flash builder.