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    Problem with debugging Flex 2

      I have just a few days ago installed Flex and I am very happy with it and so far it matches my expectations.
      I am running though into a nasty problem and this is when debugging my test application.
      The first time is going well but when I start it again I get the message:

      Another Flash debugger may be running. Close it to continue.

      I have tried closing the browser, pressed the red stop button, pressed the disconnect button, killed half of the processes on my machine but the only way that works so far is a reboot
      The Flex 2 version that I am using is 2.0.155577
      The flash version is installed by Flex 2 and I am using it in Firefox. It reports 9,0,28,0.
      I don't know how I can see that it is the debugging version, but the Flex installation told me that it should be.

      So if anyone can help me that would be very much appreciated. I have the feeling that Flex is going to be a major productivity helper, unless I have to restart my machine after every debug session

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          cjas Level 1
          Yesterday evening before closing off I started the debugger, stopped it and started it again. I got the same message (just to see if it would resolve in time).
          This moring I tried to start it again and it worked again. So this means that although the application is closed, some memory is still used (memory management?).
          So I tried a bit and I think that the time for the problem to solve is about 15 minutes (So don't have to restart my PC after all :-) ).
          This can be still a very long time though and it would be better if I were able to cleanup my own variables.
          Is there a destructor concept in Actionscript 3?
          In the application tag there is an event CreationComplete but I don't see something like CloseRequest or so. Is there something like that?

          Thanks again,