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    Book functions taking forever

    Document Geek Adobe Community Professional

      I'm working on a book with about 50 documents. It is a technical manual containing about 20 chapters, and the rest of the documents are tabloid drawings. I have several tables of contents: a List of Figures, a List of Tables, and a List of Drawings. Whenever I do a book function (such as updating cross-references, updating a TOC, or exporting the book), it takes forever (sometimes locking up InDesign), and I can't figure out why. I've tried everything I can think of. I have exported to IDML, I used an SSD and the fastest iMac available.


      The only way to export the book is by breaking all the image links in the drawings. InDesign seems to get stuck when it reaches a document that has a large raster image scaled down a bit, say to 96%. Does InDesign have some sort of limitation regarding scaling large images?