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    I want to be contacted via email.


      I want to contact you via email. Not after I have been in line on the phone for an eternity. Not on a feed. I want an emailadress now. I have had so much trouble with creative cloud. I want you to contact me via email at [removed personal information]. thank you!

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi marnyk


          Could you please let me know what your issue is regarding eg purchase, billing, using Creative Cloud so I can put you in touch with the correct team.


          I've removed your email address as this is a public forum.




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            marnyk Level 1

            Thank you Beverley!

            It is regarding the product CC and my subscription to it.

            Best regards, Marilde

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You REALLY have to provide details for someone to help


              Do you have a problem entering your credit card information?

              Do you have a problem with the download being interrupted?

              Do you have a problem with an error message during install?

              Do you want to change from single program to the entire suite?

              Can you not download Premiere Pro because your computer is not 64bit?

              Do you have Windows Vista and some programs will not install?

              Are you having a problem with a specific program and you don't know how to find the specific forum?


              If you start at the Forums Index https://forums.adobe.com/welcome

              You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use

              Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says All communities) to open the drop down list and scroll

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                Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                Thanks Marilde - someone from my team will contact you to assist.


                Kind regards


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                  marnyk Level 1

                  Hi John!

                  No I don't REALLY need to provide this information.

                  As a paying customer who wants help I should not have to write a bible to get help. And I don't need the attitude of capital letters what I have to do as a customer you can tell me with nice serviceminded words. None of the questions regards my problem.

                  This is my problem and please forward this information to the one who needs to read this.

                  I am not the one who complains BUT ever since I downloaded and started my subscription with adobe it has been nothing but troubles. First of all the programs has been fulled with bugs and you have to upgrade 28 000 times. Every time I do an upgrade something fails such as when I try to crop an image in photoshop and the screen turns black while I try to do it. Small irritation errors. Photoshop close downs suddenly, it doesn't open etc. etc. I am sick and tired of paying for this product who causes nothing but a lot of irritation.

                  My family has been using the programs since 1998. And I am a big fan of these applications but CC cloud doesn't make me want to use them.

                  But that is not the worse. Then someone breaks in to your system and might have stolen information which DOES NOT feel secure. Not only that.  I get this letter telling me "please contact us if you have any questions about this". So I try to contact you which is impossible because you have a twenty four questionare on the telephone /the website before you even can get contact with a person.

                  And it is the same process if you need help with problems with the program. As a customer I give up. It is not simpel to contact you, it doesn't go fast - it is not effective.

                  I don't want to pay for this subscription anymore and if that is not possible I want to freeze it until you have upgrade your product. Because of our loyalty to you I wanted to actually pay for the programs so it would be easy and secure instead of download it illegal which many of users do. This experience has scared me of future subscriptions with you and it was not easy, it was not secure.

                  My account is connected to my student emailaccount for the student discount: [removed personal information] But please contact me on this emailaddress.

                  Please, make me restore my faith in Adobe and its products.

                  Best regards,


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                    Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                    Hi Marilde


                    I understand you feel frustrated but John was only trying to help.


                    As I said earlier, you will be contacted by email as requested.


                    Kind regards



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                      marnyk Level 1


                      Well thanks to John, I thought it was a memeber of the support team.

                      Thanks Bev I am sorry for the complaints but after this time too many problems has built up in my case with your product.


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                        marnyk Level 1

                        Hi again!

                        And could you plese take away my message with my adress and name in the forum.

                        I thought this was only an email conversation with me and the support team but NO my conversation is shown to all other users.

                        I am looking forward to getting in contact with someone who can help me at Adobe.

                        Have a nice evening!


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                          marnyk Level 1

                          Hi again!

                          I haven't received an answer. It has been 12 days from when you told me I would be contacted.

                          I know how it is to work in service and receive complaints no matter how annoying complaints are you can't ignore your customers. I still want to be answered.

                          Best regards, Marilde

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                            Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                            Hi Marilde


                            Sorry for the delay.  It appears my colleague emailed your student email address rather than the hotmail address.  I have asked him to contact you using the hotmail address to assist further.





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                              marnyk Level 1

                              Thanks Bev!

                              hmm, okey, because that email should be connected to this one but what I can see I haven't received anything yet but yes please email to this email directly instead.

                              best regards, Marilde

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                                Adobe - I am working at SEA International Airport on Adobe Pro.


                                I have a complaint that whenever I open over say 25 PDF files the Adobe System Crashes.


                                And when I reopen Adobe Pro I have lost all current open files.


                                In fact when ever I shut down there is no way for Adobe to remember what files were previously open and automatically reload them.


                                Recommend you incorporate these features in your products.