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    cfspeadsheet excludeheaderrow

    plarts Level 1

      I use on Local CF 9.0.2

      I used CFspreadsheet with excludeheaderrow

      No problem


      on the server it is CF 9.0.0

      and with same files , it does not accept : excludeheaderrow


      So how to exclude the first line from an Excel file to read. (column headers).


      here is the code :

      <cfspreadsheet action="read" columnNames="emp_id,emp,policy,emp_cc,tdate,legacykey,pdate,etype,purpose,attendee,atype, title,company,amount"  excludeheaderrow="yes" headerrow="1"  query="nf_data" src="#data_file#" sheet="1">


      Thanks for help.