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    Audio not attaching to a slide.

      Captivate allows me to re-record for a slide, listen to it, and attach it through the audio library. As soon as I close the audio dialog box, the slide reverts back to no audio. Any advice on how to take care of this issue? I am suspecting that the file is corrupted. However, I really want to avoid having to start over.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          I'm a little unsure what you are saying. But check to see that no other audio file has the same name - if it does, rename the new one.

          Are you working on a project on a network drive? If so, try to open and work only on projects that are located locally (Drive C:\).

          Any help?
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            Rhouse61 Level 1
            Thanks for the advice. I tried to rename the file, but this didn't seem to work. I have alos noticed that it will do the same thing when importing a sound file.

            My file is not on a network either. It is saved to my C: drive.

            I have a feeling with 112 slides, something became corrupted. Looks like I am going to start all over again! Yikes!