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    scene navigation funtionality

    dugfreshVFS Level 1
      I have 6 scenes in a tutorial that I'm putting together, arranged in the scene panel as I want them to appear in the movie. In each of the scenes I have an instance of a navigation bar MC (each instance is named the same: "navBar1"). This nav bar contains buttons that control the playback of the tutorial...frame-by-frame, and scene-by-scene. My frame control buttons fork fine — I reference / _root.nextFrame(); / as the / onRelease / action. The scene buttons, however, are a different story. I thought / _root.nextScene(); / would do the trick, but that takes me back to the very first scene in the movie. If I am on the third scene and I click my "previous scene" button, I want it to go to scene 2, frame 1.

      My button code (again, button is in a MC which sits on the root timeline of each scene), where "back2But" and "ahead2But" are the button instance names:
      // the following is supposed to send the tutorial to the previous SCENE
      back2But.onRelease = function() {
      // the following is supposed to send the tutorial to the next SCENE
      ahead2But.onRelease = function() {

      I don't understand why this isn't working. The code is identical for the nextFrame/prevFrame functionality, and that works perfectly.

      Please help! This is starting to drive me crazy...