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    Random Areas of Darker Black on Background

    astrodino Level 1



      I have a problem occurring during the printing of a file. My background is 100% black with no other colors, but when I print a composite or separations I encounter the attached problem of some areas being darker than others.


      Originally I was having issues with areas around the almonds and bee being a more grey and the rest of the black area. From this I rasterized during print (flattening), but then this issue arose.


      Thing I tried:

      1. Made sure all colors are process

      2. Overprint solves issue but turn everything murky

      3. Checked for any stray elements

      4. Results were the same after PDF export.


      My concern is that this will show during print. This label is expected to run on an offset press.


      I am using CS4 on a Mac printing through Fiery RIP to Docucolor12. I have exaggerated the results for clarity.


      I appreciate any help.