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    tracing script errors in a projector

      Hey guys....Im really struggling here

      I get this script error that only happens when running as a projector... I cant track what causes it I just know how to produce the script error....how can I trace this? I tried doing a trace on a debug window...but its just way to slow and I cant reproduce the error this way? How can I track what causes the script error? Or even suppress it because if you hit continue the movie will continue as normal

      thanks in advance
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          If you pepper your code with 'put...' statements around where you think
          the error is occurring and enable a run-time message window
          (_player.debugPlaybackEnabled = 1), you can narrow it down by examining
          the last message posted prior to the error and the first after it (the
          dialog box halts execution in mid-step until dismissed). You can then
          use this information to hopefully "zoom in" on where the error is occurring.
          While disabling error dialogs is possible by using 'the alertHook', it's
          obviously better to try and fix the original issue.