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    How can I mark something as 'helpful'  or 'the correct answer' ?

    loveAndPeace Level 1

      I have been posting a handful of questions within the DreamweaverCC forum.

      I notice that there indications that 5 people have marked the replies as 'helpful'.


      How can I mark some of the responses to my posts as helpful ?


      I am unable to do this.


      Under my 'Actions' button it says "no actions available".

      I also do not have the ability to edit my own posts.

      For instance, I have resolved one of the problems and I would like to clean up my own post eliminating the 'noise' and leaving the relevant.

      This is for the sake of others.  I have noticed that one of my posts has 200+ views.  I do not want to waste people's time.


      During the first week of may, the Adobe FORUMS had a message for a couple of days that they were doing a major overhaul of the Forum.

      Since then I am unable to sign in to the forums (or to Adobe.com) from my ipad.

      I upgraded my IOS, and cleared cookies and history.



      note.  Today I was doing a general search on my ipad (w/o) logging in.

      I wanted to see what was out there about header.php.

      I came across my own post (which requires cleanup).

      I came across another person's.  It made me laugh.

      The individuals who were helping him asked him to post his code

      which ultimately ended up in the longest scroll in the world  (hundreds of div ids).

      The responders said 'nightmare'.

      It made me laugh because I am certain that part of my posts elicit the same response (nightmare)

      I would like to clean them up.