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    What’s the best way vertically center multi-line text over images of varying sizes?

    clccatx Level 1

      I have a diagram containing buttons of various sizes over which I have placed labels of varying line numbers.


      The labels are on their own layers but the text boxes containing them are set to be the same size as their corresponding button images.


      Since I will be generating dozens of diagrams using the foundation I’m currently building, I would like to manage as much of the styling as possible with external CSS.


      I have all of my external CSS working EXCEPT for the ability to vertically center the button labels over the buttons.


      While I can certainly go in and manually tweak placement of the label text boxes, this would negate much of the benefit of using the external CSS as it means I would still likely have to touch every file again if we decide to change the styling of the diagrams down the road. I don’t want to do that, so that’s not a desirable option.


      I’ve tried grouping the label element in a DIV and played around with lots of supposed fixes that don’t work for my labels.


      I’m curious to hear how other folks have tackled this since there is no obvious way to vertically center text within Edge Animate.