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    How to export an InDesign PDF and get a hyperlink (but keep original formatting)?


      Hey guys - I apologize in advance because I am not particularly technology-inclined, so this question may or may not be very stupid.


      We are a small business and recently purchased InDesign CS6 as it is the only InDesign that will operate on our Mac system. I have made a small (about 30pp.) catalogue complete with text and images, that we wanted to export and turn into a hyperlink that our colleagues could click on (without having to download anything to their computer) and look at. I made the entire catalogue, and am able to export it to a PDF (yay!) but I'm not entirely sure how to get a hyperlink for it. I have clicked "Include Hyperlink" at the bottom when exporting it as a PDF (Print) as an Adobe representative told me to do, but when I open the PDF file from my desktop I see no hyperlink in the properties, etc. When I tried to export it as an HTML, the formatting and images were completely messed up (though it did open in a browser, as I wanted).


      Any help with this would be appreciated - I've been placed on hold for so long with Indesign that I can't take the background music anymore!