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    Loading An Edge composition at a certain frame

    goombaccino Level 1

      What I would like to do is to load  my Edge composition at a certain frame.


      I would like to tell the Edge composition where to stop at, within my html file.

      This because I need to load the comp at a different position in the timeline, depending on the html page where I need to place it.


      I was able to start playing the comp


      <script type="application/javascript">

        var comp;

        AdobeEdge.bootstrapCallback(function(compId) {

        // "comp" is now equivalent to the Stage's "sym" variable.

        comp = AdobeEdge.getComposition(compId).getStage();





      but I would actually want to tell the comp to play at a label.. something like




      but thats not working...


      I am not very familiar with js since I come from After Effects, so it would be nice if someone could provide an example or point another discussion where this problem was solved.



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          hemanthR Adobe Employee

          You will not be able to play from  a label on stage timeline from bootstrap callback as the timeline playback has not started.

          A workaround is to store the label name  you wish to play from in a global variable in bootstrap call back function and using that label to play from in the 0th second trigger


          I know the explanation above is bit confusing,so i have attached a example here.

          IN main.html i save the label(red) to play from in

          AdobeEdge.playFrom = "red";


          Than in the 0th second trigger read that label and play from there like



          Sample here playFmor.zip - Google Drive

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