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    Address Book!

    Snap Graphix Level 1

      Any chance of adding an address book or saving/remembering contacts that you have already sent to as Adobe Send Now did? I hope there is more work to be done critiquing this application

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          anna condo

          I agree - the new Adobe Send does not keep the email contacts like Adobe SendNow did. Please put that back.

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            I also agree that email address book or the ability to remember email contacts are very important.  Who wants to type in email addresses every time you have to send a file?

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              I agree. The historical on Adobe SendNow was very useful. Any chance to put it back?

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                onscenenews Level 1

                Gotta have the Address book back... That could be a deal breaker...

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                  DLim Level 1

                  Its been a month now but no feed back regarding the address book.  Any chance the address book or the ability to remember email address feature can be added like Send Now? 

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                    Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

                    Hi people,


                    I apologize for the delay replying to this thread. We have definitely heard from several of you that this is an important feature to include in Adobe Send; we're continuing to work on making Adobe Send the best service it can be for sending large files, and the ability to access/remember contacts is part of our discussion. For what it's worth, you can always use Adobe Send through the free Adobe Reader software; if you log in through Adobe Reader, you can have access to your local address book while sending your files. Here's some more info on that front.  We're also going to be releasing a plugin for Microsoft Outlook (2010 and 2013) sometime in the next few weeks, so if you're on Windows that will be another easy way to use Adobe Send in conjunction with your existing address book.


                    Let me know if I can offer any more information or assistance! Thanks for posting.


                    Best regards,


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                      Snap Graphix Level 1

                      Hi Rebecca,

                      There is still no word on address book & remembering email addresses in Adobe Send. Also I have hanging issues when launching, this business is my livelihood so I am now using Citrix Sharefile which is more expensive but it does the job, very poor Adobe.