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    Photo disappears when trying to laso


      Why is it when I try to use laso or patch the picture disappears when trying to laso?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Chances are you're experiencing a Windows 8 bug and/or a shortcoming in your display driver.


          Some things to try:


          • Visit the web site of the maker of your video card and download/install their latest display driver for your OS and hardware.  Recent driver releases from the major players have worked around this Windows 8 problem.

          • Go into your Preferences - Performance panel, click through the [Advanced Settings...] button, and try the other Drawing Mode settings (e.g., "Basic").  Make sure to close and restart Photoshop after changing things here so you're really testing the updated settings.
          • (A longshot) reset your Photoshop preferences to default:  Press and hold Control -Shift -Alt simultaneously (or Command - Shift - Option if on a Mac) immediately upon cold-starting Photoshop.  If you get the keys down quickly enough - and you have to be really quick - it will prompt you to confirm deletion of your current preferences, which will lead to the establishment of a fresh default set.  If it does not prompt you, you haven't been quick enough to get the keys down.


          Good luck.