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    Holding SHIFT to resize image in PROPORTION not working - InDesign CC



      I am putting a portfolio together containing a ton of images.


      I constantly use the SHIFT to resize images in proportion constantly, but it is not work.  It resizes randomly wherever my curser goes.


      It works in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC

      I have uninstalled InDesign (uninstalled preferences too), then re-installed with no result.

      Using the Scale tool (by pressing S) still does not work

      I have been using the manual SCALE with percentages or using the "fit content proportionally" buttons on the toolbar, which is killing my workflow, as I need fine grain control


      I may have typed something out while thinking I was in a text box, when I was not.  This may have turned on or turned off the feature.  I'm not sure how to bring it back now.


      Any help would be appreciated