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    On CS6, how to update ACR to 8.4? I have been directed to the Downloads page but there is no separate download for ACR.

    George1898765678 Level 1

      I purchased a disc for CS6 and it came with ACR 7. CS6 works well in my machine and I would like to update to ACR 8.4, which I read is the final update for CS6. Different Help Desk people have directed me to the Adobe Downloads page, but there is no separate download for ACR. Downloading the entire CS6 program all over again and several other ancillary programs (there is no other option) seems excessive. I have attempted it in any case but there was a download failure. Last time I tried, the Downloads progress box indicated a combined expected download time of over 16 hours. I have a reasonably fast DSL connection. Sixteen hours?!

      I am using a MacPro running OSX 10.7.5.

      Thanks for your help.