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    After Effects CC still can't launch on Mavericks


      This seems to be a common issue but mine looks a bit different

      Probably because of my lack of experience in mac or Adobe products!!!


      Ok, my problem started from a window popped up saying "Install CUDA 5.0 or later and restart computer" or something like that when I first opened After Effects CC.

      So I googled and found the NVDIA website and downloaded the CUDA 5.0, yep, I changed my security preference on mac to allow apps to be downloaded from unidentified developers, and then completed installation, easy! ...I thought.


      After restarting the computer I re-opened AE, it kinda loads with this fancy purple 3D intro image, but this time it opened with nothing but the "****" noise (the error noise?).

      All I see is the grey frameworks with "Render Queue" tab...no welcome screen, no tools, no "Install CUDA..." screen either.

      The buttons on the top (File, Edit, Composition, Layer etc...) are clickable but the contents of each button are in light grey apart from the "Help".

      I tried updating, uninstalling and reinstalling of AE, shutting down and restarting of computer, but no luck.


      Does anyone has/had the same issue?? I just don't know what to do next

      I apologize for the long story and would be much much appreciated if someone could help


      What you can see on this screen shot is all I got lol.

      Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 5.06.04 pm.png

      My mac is OS X 10.9.2 and trying to use AE CC by the way