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    Indesign CC + Intuos 5: Pen shortcut with hand grabber tool no longer working


      Hi guys,


      I have recently upgraded from CS6 to CC and there is a problem with my Intuos 5 pen shortcuts.


      In my Intuos 5 preferences, I have assigned the 'pan / scroll' function to the button on the side of the Wacom pen. This is for all applications (so I hold the button down and can scroll up / down on any application). With Indesign CS6, this automatically translated into the hand grabber tool i.e. the button on the Wacom pen had the same function as the spacebar on the keyboard. I hold it down to activate the hand grabber tool, and release to let go of the hand grabber. Perfect, and very useful.


      With Indesign CC however, this no longer works. Instead of activating the hand grabber tool, my Wacom pen button now performs a very slow and glitchy scroll (similar to using a mouse wheel). My cursor remains as the little black arrow (rather than turning into a hand) and the whole program slows down - sometimes it takes a good minute or so to finish scrolling down just a page or two. It's obviously not ideal, and seeing as this is probably my most used shortcut it is hindering my work flow quite considerably. Add to that the fact that the spacebar shortcut is undefinable in the keyboard shortcuts menu - so I cannot manually assign the spacebar shortcut to the Wacom pen button - I'm not sure what to do.


      Is this a bug in CC? Is there a fix? Was it ever even intentional for CS6 to automatically replace wacom's 'pan / scroll' shortcut into the hand grabber tool? Anyone else experiencing similar problems?


      Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!