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    CFLOCATION in Scheduled Task


      Hi all,


      I've got some code that validats and cleans data that a client will upload.  It works in 3 phases and I've got 4 separate files to process the data - the first initialises everything.  Phase 2 needs to repeat itself until their are no more validation errors (the initial sweep will remove some errors, which in turn may result in more errors, due to data dependencies).  I am using CFLOCATION to move between the phases once each is complete.


      This works fine in the browser, but I want to run it as a Scheduled task, but when I run it as such, the CFLOCATIONS don't work


      This is the basic setup


      Initialisation ---- cflocates to phase1


      Phase1 ---- cflocates to phase 2


      Phase 2 ---- IF no errors, then cflocate to Phase3, else cflocate back to Phase2 for another sweep with a URL param to indicate it's not the 1st pass


      Phase3 ---- all done.


      Anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this if cflocation won't work?  I know I could set up each phase as a separate task and execute them at the end of the previous one, but the second and subsequent sweeps in phase 2 need to generate a different error, hence the URL param...?


      Any help would be gratefully received!