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    Recieving wrong file size while using Finder as a file browser in case of big files

    emad7105 Level 1


      I am working on development of a custom Adobe Drive connector to our DAM application. Most of the things work really fine.


      My configuration


      OSX: 10.9.1

      Adobe Drive 5




      When I paste (or drag-n-drop) a relatively big file (e.g. 600 MB) in a folder in Finder, the file size which is being received from 'CheckinRequest' in ICheckInHandler is wrong and much less than reality. Usually we call item.getContentSize(); before creating 'File Update Recipe' and 'Basic Data' as exemplified in SimpleFtp in the SDK. Strangely, it works completely fine in Adobe Bridge with read size, and with smaller files in Finder. Since we update the file recipes after uploading the asset to the DAM, Drive automatically calls IDeleteHandler to delete the asset in the remote system as well as showing an error in Finder. Is it a bug in Drive integration with Finder? Is there any workaround for that?